Legislative News

Legislative News

2/8/2018 - House Bill H 4829 was introduced on February 1, 2018 - This bill is a threat to the SC Bail Bonding industry. Let us know what you think about it.

9/15/2016 - 2017 SCBAA Proposed Law Changes - Please email us or contact any board member to comment on this proposed change

1/16/2014: H3342 - Pending Bench Warrant Notification

4/7/2014: S19 - Bond Revocations        PASSED

4/10/2014: H5116 - Payment and collateral requirements 

3/3/2015: H3765 - Revised Certain fees - This is not a SCBAA sponsored bill, but we support it

3/18/2015: H3863 - Bail Bondsmen Prohibited Actions

Although we keep up with all bail laws and proposed bills, they all may not be on this site.  You can see all bail legislation on the SC Statehouse website by searching "Bail" @ www.scstatehouse.gov