Proposed Law Changes

Proposed Law Changes

H 4829: A bill to release defendants without bail if the defendant can qualify for electronic monitoring - SCBAA is not in favor of this bill

S 434 :  A bill to create a bail scheduled - SCBAA sponsored bill

S 435 :  A bill to change minimum premium collected by bondsmen - SCBAA sponsored bill

S 470 :  A bill to change bondsman license renewal to two years and allow an approved jail official to accept bail - SCBAA sponsored bill

H3337 :  A bill to change bail fees from $10 to $35 - This is not our bill and we do not support it - On our watch List!

Although we keep up with all bail laws and proposed bills, they all may not be on this site.  You can see all bail legislation on the SC Statehouse website by searching "Bail" @