2/8/2018 - House Bill H 4829 was introduced on February 1, 2018 - This bill is a threat to the SC Bail Bonding industry. Let us know what you think about it.

9/15/2016 -
 2017 SCBAA Proposed Law Changes - Please email us or contact any board member to comment on this proposed change

1/16/2014 - H3342 - Pending Bench Warrant Notification

4/7/2014 - S19 - Bond Revocations PASSED

4/10/2014 - H5116 - Payment and collateral requirements

3/3/2015 - H3765 - Revised Certain fees - This is not a SCBAA sponsored bill, but we support it

3/18/2015 - H3863 - Bail Bondsmen Prohibited Actions

Although we keep up with all bail laws and proposed bills, they all may not be on this site.  You can see all bail legislation on the SC Statehouse website by searching "Bail" @ 

The forms on this page are some of the memos, opinions and bulletins we have received over time. They are meant to be used as research and reference. Regulations and opinions can change. This page will continuously be updated. SCBAA do not guarantee any regulations, opinions or bulletins. Seek the advice of your attorney for legal questions or contact the government agency that issued the instrument in question.


If you have any questions, please contact Willie Seawright @ (803) 737‑6134

Charleston has notified bondsmen that they are intending to estreat bonds not only for appearance but for conditions.  This is a result of an appeal case State v. Mitchell, at opinion upheld in November 2017 by the South Carolina Supreme Court.  Please read the about it here.

The DOI has sent a letter to Jail Administrators on June 7, 2017 concerning solicitation of bail bondsmen at the jails.  You may see it by clicking here. To see a email concerning the issue click here.

May 22, 2017:  142 Agents license will not be renewed this renewal period due to missing the CE or fingerprint deadline on May 15th.  Willie Seawright from the SC DOI stated that each agent will receive a letter stating the reasons and how to reinstate their license.  Agents that missed the fingerprinting will have to send in their fingerprints and pay a reinstatement fee depending on what type of license they have.  Agents that did not take the CE class by May 15th will have to retake the pre license 30hr class and pay a reinstatement fee.  Please refer all questions to Willie Seawright at the SC DOI. Click Here for instructions to reinstate license.

August 2014:  The SCBAA is announcing that Larry Ballard Chairman of the Board has resigned his position on the Board of Directors.
Vice Chairman, David Crawford is serving as Chairman of the Board until the next BOD meeting as stated in our By-Laws Article 7.1

1/16/2014: The Supreme Court of South Carolina Appellate Case No. 2013-002484


The 2013 Annual Conference was a great success. Thank you Accredited Surety for underwriting the event and for lunch. Also, Bail USA for breakfast and American Surety for the Surety Reception.

We would also like to thank our other sponsors Palmetto Surety, Extreme Monitoring and Captira. Thank you HCC Surety and Lion Surety for the contribution to our PAC Fund.

Last but not least, Thank you to our Agents for your support. Without you it would not be a SCBAA.